1.Login to Distribution Point PC

you need to add the SCCM site server computer account to the Local Administrators group

in this stage you will add SCCM Computer to local administrators group.

Go to manage >> local users and group >> groups >> administrators

you need to add the SCCM site server computer account to the Local Administrators group

DP - 1

DP - 22. Login to SCCM Server ( SCCM)

In the console, navigate to Administration -> Overview -> Site Configuration. Right click Sites and click Create Site System Server.

DP - 3


In the Create Site System Server Wizard, click Browse and select the computer on which DP role is to be installed. Select the Site Code and click Next.

Then go to site system installation account

Select use another account for installing this site system

Set >> select SCCM account

Distribution Point

Proxy >> next

On the System Role Selection page, select Distribution Point. Click Next.

DP - 5

On the Distribution Point page, configure the DP settings for your environment. Here is a brief description of each of the setting.

Install and configure IIS if required by Configuration Manager: Enable this setting to install Windows components required for a DP automatically.

Enable and configure BranchCache for this distribution point: Enable this setting to enable and configure BranchCache.

Specify how client computers communicate with the distribution point: Choose HTTP or HTTPS for client communication with the DP.

Allow clients to connect anonymously: Enable this check box only if you need anonymous connections to the DP. The ConfigMgr client uses the Local System account and the Network Access account to connect to the DP.

In the Discription box – Type the Branch Name

Click Next.

DP - 6

Specify the drive settings for the distribution point – You can configure up to two disk drives for the content library and two disk drives for the package share.
DP - 7

Specify the content validation settings

DP - 8

To specify the boundary group(s) with the site system, click on Add and choose the boundary group. The distribution point is considered protected for the clients that are within the boundaries associated with the boundary group.

Go to create boundary groups> create


DP - 9

DP - 10

add the IP address range and press OK

DP - 11

DP - 12

Next until finished

DP - 13Verify the Distribution Point installation success

To go monitoring under the console

Distribution status >> distribution point configuration status>>

Distribution Point

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