KB Deployment – Package (Internet Explore):

It was huge problem for most of SCCM admins to deploy internet explore 11 prerequisites. It was same to me and finally i found a way to deploy it easy.

First you need to download all the prerequisites and put it in to one folder. (hint: keep 86x and 64x different folder)

Internet Explore 11 Prerequisites 

then open Microsoft PowerShell  ISE

KB Deployment

$dir = (Get-Item -Path “.\” -Verbose).FullName
Foreach($item in (ls $dir *.msu -Name))
echo $item
$item = $dir + “\” + $item
wusa $item /quiet /norestart | Out-Null


and save it as a kb.ps1 (in the Folder)

this scrip will install all the .msu file one by one. only we have to do is put all the .MSU file in single folder.

ok now lets create a Package.

go to Software Library >> Packages >> Create Package

fill the required fields

and tick the “this package contains source files” and browse the folder.

select the set source folder window select any source method and browse

then click next..

In the program type window select standard program and click next.

then fill the field as i mention in the below image.

in the requirement windows you can select the requirement before check the deployment. for now um selecting windows 7 SP1 x86. same like you can download x64 files and set the requirement for windows 7 sp1 x64.



then click next twist to finish.

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