There are 5 ways of creating Membership Rule (Device Collection)

  1. Direct Rule
  2. Query Rule
  3. Device Category rule
  4. Include Collections
  5. Exclude Collections

membership rules

1. Direct Rule – Direct rule are use for one time add – User or Device

2. Query Rule – These method is most easiest and very much common method in SCCM. You have the Fallibility to Create any kind of a Device collection method using this method.

3. Include Collections – This method will inject another collection directly to this Collection. (eg. A+b)

4. Exclude Collections – This will remove Directly another Collection Computers from Collection (eg. A-B)


For the IP Base Device Collection, We are recommending you to create  use Query Rule. Query rule will allow automatic updating. Direct rule will not update automatic, only if Delete From the SCCM database, it will remove.


To Create IP Base Collection


Create New device collection > Give the name > Limit to All system > Next


Query Rule > Give the name > Edit Query Statement > Criteria > Select

Device Collection

In the Select Attribute Window,

  • Attribute Class : System Resource
  • Attribute : IP Addresses

In the Criterion Properties window

Device Collection

Change the Operator Value to “is like”


In the Value box give the required IP rage and end of the segment Put the Percentage symbol (%)

Then Press OK to Finished

After that press the update membership icon to forcefully update the collection.

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