STEP-BY-STEP SCCM 1702 UPGRADE GUIDE: System Center Dev team has release the new Current branch is now. This Post will guild you STEP-BY-STEP upgrade to SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 to SCCM current branch version 1702.

Prerequisit :

  1. SCCM Current branch version ISO
  2. If Required a upgraded, SQL Latest version.
  3. Windows ADK for Windows 10, version 1703

Frist we need to uninstall the Oldest ADK Setup. go to unstall program and uninstall the ADK


Then we need to browsers and download the ADK setup. If your Server does’t have internet access. Then download it to another computer and run the setup. There is a option for save all installation file and copy it to SCCM Server.

Run the copy setup inside the SCCM server.

In the Privacy Window Select no and press next

Click “Accept” button

Wait Until download Finish.

Then untick all the selected Features except Deployment Tools, Windows PE, USMT. Click Install

OK, Successfully install and we are good to go for next step.

In the Next step we will looking for Requied SQL version for Current Branch 1702.

Supported SQL versions:

In this scenario ill be using SQL server 2012 SP3,

You can check your current version by running a SQL query  – “select @@version”

Then open the SCCM installation media and open “splash.hta”

Click Install button to continue the setup


Click next for continue next page

In the Start Page, Select “Upgrade this configuration manager Site” and Click next

Insert the Product key

Product License Teams page Select all the ticks and click next

Next download the Prerequisite. press browse and give the download location.

Depend on the Network Connection some times this setup might fails to download. again re-do the above all installation step and select “Use previously download files” and browse the earliest path. Doing this step will continue downloading fail point and save some time.

Next coming windows select Server language and client language as English (depend on your requirement)

Click next bottom twice for next two window

In the Prerequisite Windows click “Run Check” 

Warring you can ignore but better if you can address it on this stage.

  • The site server might be unable to publish to Active Directory –
  • Configuration Manager requires SQL Server to reserve a minimum of 8 gigabytes –

Click Begin Install button to continue the setup

We have Successfully upgrade the SCCM Server to Current branch version 1702.

Open the Configuration manager console and check the about for sccm version

After the Installation Open the configuration manager Console. goto Administation > Sites and open Hierarchy Settings. click Client Upgrade tab and tick the Upgrade all Clients sin the hierarchy using production client.

In this page you can customize Pre-Production Client Version for device collection base. Selected collection will get client upgrade first. also you can exclude some collection getting client upgrade form hear.

Few New Fetures are avalabe in SCCM Current branch version.
  • New Software Center

Go-to Client Setting and select Computer agent settings and select yes for use new Software Center.

  • Enable management for the Office 365 Client agent

Go-to Client Setting and select Software updates and select yes for enable o365 client agent

  • Client Cache

Most waited future for All SCCM Admins, in the Client settings we can change the Client Cache size.

In the Client policy – Change “Configure Client Cache Size” to yes and change the Maximum cache size to Required size.

  •  Wsus Cleanup Wizard

Go-to Administration > Sites > Configure Site Components > Software Update Point

In the Software Update Point Component Properties windows select Supersedence Rules tab and tick the “Run WSUS cleanup Wizard”. This will automaticly rull the Cleanup wizard.

  • Updates and Servicing


Upcoming all the current branch version are coming under Updates and servicing tab. this is located under administration tab.

  • New Software Library 

Windows 10 upgrades and O365 updates are now available under Software Library.

Likewise Much more Features are available in the SCCM Current branch 1702. also Now 1708 current branch version beta is release. if your in future planning to upgrade directly  this guild line will apply for upcoming current branch versions. all SCCM upgrade are same as this. Hope this guild is help you for you and if you need any calificatioin feel free to comment below.