when you check your google chrome you might notice some unwanted extension are been install and you are not able to remove it. its says install by enterprise policy.  Follow my Google Chrome extension Remove

Google Chrome extension Remove

even google chrome uninstall and reinstall will not going to help for some extensions.

Found a very easy way to clear all the extension.

  1. open the google chrome
  2. click on the bars icon (top right corner of Google Chrome), select ‘Tools’ and click ‘Extensions’.
  3. tick the developer mode4. then find the developer ID and copy it.

          5. press start button + R

6. Type regedit

7. then Registry editor will open and go to edit

8.  click find next and past the Copied Developer ID and press find next

9. delete the root google folder


Re-do the no 7 to 9 for safe side.

close the chrome and reopen. all the default extension are re create automatically with the new registry

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